2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Towing Capacity

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When you have tough towing tasks to accomplish in Lake Elsinore, rely on the 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Why? Aside from its stunning good looks, ample interior space and amenities, and powerful engines, the 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 towing capacity and payload are also just as impressive. In fact, the maximum towing capacity for this truck is an unparalleled 13,300 pounds. The maximum payload is an equally-commendable 2,280 pounds. Want to learn more about the new Chevrolet Silverado 1500 towing capacity and features? Read on! Otherwise, don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

Chevy Silverado Towing Capacity By Engine

The 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 towing capacity is largely a byproduct of not just smart engineering, but also plentiful Silverado engine options, which you can read all about below:

  • 4.3L V6 Engine: With 285 hp and a best-in-class 305 lb-ft of torque, this standard Silverado engine boasts a maximum towing capacity of 7,900 pounds.
  • 2.7L Turbo Engine: From 310 hp to 348 lb-ft of torque, this Silverado 1500 engine is powerful, but it also allows for a maximum towing capacity of 9,600 pounds, while also increasing fuel efficiency.
  • 5.3L V8 Engine with Direct Fuel Management: With this available engine, the Chevy Silverado 1500 makes 355 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque. As for towing capacity, it’s 11,500 pounds. (That having been said, the same engine with active fuel management tows up to 10,000 pounds).
  • 6.2L V8 Engine: This is the Silverado engine to get if you want the maximum towing capacity of 13,300 pounds (on the RST trim). What’s more, this V8 produces an impressive 420 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque.
  • 3.0L I6 Turbo-Diesel: With the available diesel powertrain, you can tow up to 9,500 pounds in your Silverado 1500. As for power output, this engine makes 277 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque.

Towing Features

When measuring things, it’s not always best to think quantitatively. Often, qualitative measurements are more telling. Accordingly, if you’re considering the Silverado 1500 for its towing abilities, you may also wish to know about its tow-enhancing features, such as:

  • Trailering Package: This package is standard for the Chevy Silverado 1500, and it comes with a trailering hitch platform and 2-inch receiver, a 4-pin connector, an automatic locking rear differential, and a 7-wire harness with a 7-way sealed connector.
  • Optional Max Trailering Package: This package is available with select Silverado 1500 trims, and it adds the Handling/Trailering Suspension Package, revised shock tuning, upgraded rear springs, and much more.
  • Optional Tow Mirrors: Available extended-view towing mirrors makes towing with a Silverado 1500 on the roads of Temecula or Murrieta safer and easier.

Discover the Chevy Silverado in Lake Elsinore

If you’d like to discover what makes the Silverado 1500 so special for yourself on the streets of Corona or Lake Elsinore, we invite you, when safe, to come visit us here at Anderson Chevrolet! Otherwise, if you prefer, you can also do more Chevy research online. Then, whenever you’re ready, you can even apply for financing from the comfort of your home!


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