2021 Chevy Bolt EV Reviews

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2021 Chevy Bolt EV with car owners

If you’re like many of our Murrieta customers, you don’t have time to read all of the 2021 Chevy Bolt EV reviews before making a purchase. But don’t worry, we’ve read the reviews, so you don’t have to. We even listed the highlights below. One common thread in most reviews of this SUV is the impressive 259-mile Chevy Bolt EV range. Who wouldn’t be impressed by that? After checking out these industry leader reviews, contact us today to get behind the wheel of the Bolt and conduct your own review! 

Chevy Bolt EV Reviews – The Highlights

The Chevy Bolt has a lot to say all on its own-a fact you’ll discover as you’re getting behind the wheel. Not only does the new Chevy Bolt speak for itself, but the automotive industry leaders are also singing its praises! Check out what the major automobile publications had to say about the Bolt EV below:


Like most Chevy Bolt EV reviews, Edmunds praised the “impressive” 259 mile Chevy Bolt EV range. They also commented that the “Cabin is spacious,” and they like the “quick acceleration and nimble handling for an EV” as well as the “nationwide availability.”

US News

US News likes the “swift acceleration,” “engaging handling,” “lengthy battery range,” and “roomy cargo hold.”

They also boast, “The Chevrolet Bolt is a great electric vehicle. It distinguishes itself from other models in the hybrid and electric car class with its extensive driving range, peppy acceleration, and playful handling. The Bolt EV also has a spacious cabin and large cargo hold.”

Auto Trader

Auto Trader also likes the 259-mile Chevy Bolt EV range, as well as the “relatively roomy interior” and the fact that the Bolt EV is “available in all 50 states.”

They also said, “The Bolt EV is distinct and fun. And by being able to cover 259 miles from a full charge, it can travel further solely on electric power than even a range-extended [BMW] i3.”

The Car Connection

The Car Connection had a long list of things to praise about the Bolt EV, including “reliably long driving range, familiar small-car driving experience, perky powertrain,” and the “versatile, roomy interior.”

Like most of the Chevy Bolt EV reviews, they had more to say: “Don’t expect the Bolt EV to give anything up by being all-electric. Quite the contrary, it delivers more acceleration punch—especially at city speeds—than most gasoline hatchbacks you might compare it against. Generally speaking, it holds the road well, too, and rides like a bigger vehicle.”

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