What is HomeLink®?

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What is HomeLink®? HomeLink® is an innovative Chevy technology embedded within your Chevy car, truck, or SUV that makes controlling your home devices wirelessly a snap! 

  • Open and close automatic gates or garage doors.
  • Activate/deactivate your home security systems.
  • Turn on/off appliances, home interior and exterior lights, and other in-home electronic devices.

Whether you’ve just purchased your new Chevy or are a seasoned Chevy driver, there are many useful features tucked within this system that you may not have noticed! Ready to see just how HomeLink® makes it easy around Murrieta and Temecula to program this innovative system? Check out our quick guide below, then contact us today to learn more.

Benefits of HomeLink® Technology 

So just what are the benefits of your Chevy HomeLink® technology? Corona-area drivers with HomeLink®-equipped Chevy vehicle can anticipate benefits such as:

  • Simple Use: HomeLink® was designed with simplicity in mind and connecting your Chevy to your home’s compatible devices is as easy as pushing a few buttons!
  • Compatibility: You’ll find that HomeLink® can be linked to nearly all gate systems and garage door openers, as well as many other radio-frequency (RF) controlled devices.
  • Link Up to Three Devices: Seamlessly integrated into your Chevy cabin, the HomeLink® system makes it easy to link and control up to three compatible devices.
  • Peace of Mind: Your HomeLink® system, when paired with most compatible garage door openers, can let you know if your garage door remains open or closed. HomeLink® apps also make it simple to remotely control your other in-home devices, such as your security system and lights, granting you that next-level of peace-of-mind while out on the road!
  • Battery-Free: You’ll never need to worry about battery swapping as HomeLink® is powered by your Chevy vehicle’s electrical system. 

No matter where the road takes you, you can count on your Chevy HomeLink® system to keep you connected to the place you call home. Innovative Chevy technology now makes syncing, controlling, and monitoring your devices easier, all without the hassle of batteries! 

Discover More About Chevy Technology at Anderson Chevrolet!

Now that you’ve learned more about what HomeLink® is and how it can transform your relationship with your home on the road, it’s time to discover all that this Chevy technology has to offer you in-person! Need help programming your HomeLink® or Chevy MyLink system or just want to learn more about the innovation seamlessly embedded within your Chevy? Our state-of-the-art service here at Anderson Chevrolet can walk you through every aspect of your Chevy. Contact us today for more information!


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